Let's Get It On!
What do you think they are talking about?  Ever get that feeling that you wish these organic and mecha monsters and droids were alive?  I'm just actually thinking out loud because I am waiting for that particular inspiration to come and hit me with a lightning bolt.  It's one of those days when my the left part of my brain is at war with the right part.  It's a momentary delusion delusion after the illusion.  This is the part when the train hits you because you're too mesmerized by the light and I am just trying to keep things in tact.  I've actually got a lot of things to really do today.  This is a basic arm chair warrior's day.  You wake up, do the regular rudiments to let everyone know that you still function as a human being.  After staring at the mirror, you eat whatever is offered and then proceed to the battle room, sit down in that majestic armchair and think yourself as the everyday Moses trying to part the Dead Sea.  Lo and behold, you are stricken with that momentary lucidity of looking at the monitor as if it were a doorway to another dimension and bam!  Drop everything vital to your survival and here I am testing the new waters by creating this blog.  You sift your fingers through your hair and a thousand drums suddenly pounds on your ears thinking...can I still write?  I guess, my left and right hand still functions and writes the same hieroglyphs I've been infamously known for since I learned to identify "A" from "B".  

"Poor Twisted Child, So ugly, so ugly....Poor twisted child, Oh hug me, oh hug me...One November, Spawned a Monster...in the shape of this child....who must remain a hostage to kindness...."

Everyone I believe will always remain a hostage to kindness even in the form of the late Ted Bundy or Leo Echegaray who just had the instinct to let evil override the base of their humanity but who am I to say...it's just me, my right and left brain still locked in that monumental and a deserving sidebar would mean for me to drink a glass of water and make coffee.  

...Back to the War Room...fingers locked....time to do some CTRL-ALT-DESTROY.....

The log in the year of our Lord November 15, 2011



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