ALLEGATION:  Mark Zuckerberg made no such statement.
QUESTION:  Is this the work of a spin doctor or another anomaly in the crevice of someone's hate campaign against decide!

Thanks to Jim Ayson, a new nebula has been discovered called Hoax Slayer in which it tries to furiously debunk the internet rampage and warning every blogger available that IT WAS NOT MARK ZUCKERBERG himself who issued that statement against every Filipino user utilizing facebook.

It is obvious from the picture that it is not Mark Zuckerberg himself who placed that on the status message but instead, this is obviously a repost on someone else's wall or maybe from the originator himself.  What he has to gain?  Popularity? A concerned citizen out to send a message but just pointed at the wrong nationality? A hater?  We would never know.  

It is just alarming though that people would click on these images and BAM!  Either someone sends you a message in your facebook inbox or it has spammed the walls of others including foul language.  For those that are non-technical, it has caused anger and disdain among friends.  

Other techs would blame on certain facebook codes that are being posted on their pages but really, who does that?  Not everyone, right?

Moral of the story:  Instead of hitting the keyboards to retaliate on the person that allegedly posted this or worse, clicking on the photo or the link, report it as spam.  


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