SEND-RECEIVE-WITHDRAW.  This simply means that if you have a Philippine Debit Card or Debit card, you are allowed to also withdraw money from your account.  Countless times I've been asked if Paypal allows other debit or credit cards other than Union Bank's EON Card.  For purposes of this discussion, I am using a Banco De Oro (BDO) ATM Debit Card since I do love their service.  My mother and other friends use a Bank of The Philippine Islands (BPI) Express teller card instead  but in any event, both cards have no problem linking with Paypal.  For purposes of this topic, I will assume one thing which is, the reader is new to paypal and would like to open up an account.  Furthermore, the reader has encountered concerns with their respective banks as these banks would tell them that they have no affiliation with Paypal or worse, the bank's branch employees would inquire if this can be done.  With all resonance, I answer with a clapping YES!  This topic is not new as a few blogs or sites have already spoken about this topic but for purposes of information and those that continue to ask help regarding this, here it goes BUT BEFORE PROCEEDING, KINDLY MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE AT LEAST PHP 250.00 AND ABOVE PESOS in your debit card.  Explanations will be provided as we move along.

1.  Sign up for a paypal account:
2. You will be asked your country of origin or region so kindly scroll down the drop down menu and select PHILIPPINES.  The next step is choosing between Personal, Premium and Business.  I would suggest you choose "Personal" UNLESS, you would want to use your account for business purposes which the two categories fall into.  At any rate, you could always upgrade in the future.

Paypal Bank Withdrawal Codes
3.  Fill up the form as stated.  Kindly note the following:

3. A  The name in your bank account MUST MATCH the information that you will input in paypal.
3. B  Kindly look for the three or 4 digit code found at the back or front of your card.
3. C  You will be asked for the 9 DIGIT BANK CODE, for BDO it's 010530667 and for BPI, it's 010040018 and this is done in order for you to withdraw your cash sent from paypal.  To know your corresponding bank code, kindly just click on either or ebay's paypal bank withdrawal page.

confirmation for expuse number given by paypal
4.  Paypal will email you asking for the EXPUSE or the Expanded Use Number.  Now, they will auto-deduct a certain amount from your account, in my case, almost $2.00, why?  In order to verify your identity.  THAT WILL BE REFUNDED OR RETURNED BACK TO YOU once you have located and entered the EXPUSE number.


     5.A.  If you have an online bank account, check on your recent transactions and the identifier there would be the words "PP" and the four (4) numbers after that would be your EXPUSE NUMBER.  Kindly get that, log back into paypal and enter them.
     5.6.  I cannot speak for EON account holders as I have none however, another way of getting your EXPUSE number is for you to go to your corresponding branch, ask for the recent statement of account which will detail your transactions and once more, look for that clincher code or identifier and then log back to paypal and enter them.

**NOTE:  Paypal's customer service, either on the phone or online will never give that to you as that code is generated for your eyes only and they do not have any access to that.  That code can only be sent thrice so please be careful.  After three times, you would have to call them or email them.  Furthermore, unless your card is confirmed, there is a withdrawal limit to it.  PAYPAL'S TOLL FREE NUMBER is 1-402-935-2050 which is a US telephone number or you can send them  an email through paypal's site.

Paypal Confirmation Email.
6.  Finally you will receive an email from paypal confirming your debit or credit card and it also informs you that the withdrawal limit has been lifted etc.

You can start using your corresponding debit card via the services of paypal.  If the amount that you would withdraw is more than PHP 7,000.00, there is no charges as far as the withdrawal fee is concerned, however, if it goes lower, there is an additional charge of PHP 50.00 and this is aside from your bank's charges.  So, if someone sends you for example, PHP 2,100.00, since BDO charges PHP 200.00 for such transactions, then expect that you would be credited PHP 1,900.00.  Again, FOR BDO patrons, if the amount deposited is more than PHP 7,000.00, PHP 200.00 will still be taken off as bank charges.  The same goes with BPI, if the amount deposited is PHP 7,000.00 or more, a PHP 150.00 will be shaved off once you receive your final credit.

**In my experience so far with BDO, receiving money from Paypal, and this is my personal experience, just in case there are no legal or announced holidays that is, I get my funds within one day and a half or less than two days.  Should the day be Friday, it would reflect, again, this is just my experience, by twelve midnight....of course, this can change dependent on factors that are beyond anyone's control such as holidays for instance.



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