I try not to choke on my words but how can I since this is something that is in writing?  In a perfect will to attempt to try to adjust my sentences in a coherent matter...all I wanted to really say is that this site is specifically meant to officially chronicle my journey from being a ticketmaster and morphing further into an events producer for local and underground events and dubstepping my way into a press release officer/event organizer for international events....

The links provided for are the past and present events I have done as myself, on behalf of Subkulture Productions and later on, with the indefatigable Speedy Gonzales also known as Jesse Gonzales Cambosa, the proud president of DMC, Phils. International and former station manager of the defunct ground breaking radio stations of DWXB 102 and 89 DMZ.

Long ago I have dreamed of being in the music industry as a mere writer or a music correspondent...just like everyone else...I was just a mere fan girl who wrote letters back when snail mail was king to every band or solo artist I admired....a few wrote back while most somehow faded in the crevices......my first joy and inspiration was my letter from Scritti Politti and until now...I still have that letter.....

.....time travelling into a not so distant past.....and starting with an innocent fan mail that I wrote the an obscure new wave duo which then led me to my first assignment in PULP magazine...and it just never stopped even when I went corporate....

It is now the year 2013....ten years in the business on and off....I don't think I'll ever stop......

This is my destiny....this is my story.....

Onward to the next rabbit hole....here I go....



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    Giz Roque Palma

    Music Correspondent
    Events Producer
    Events Organizer
    Events Coordinator
    ...what  else do you want  to know?


    March 2013