Chic-Boy is one of the cheapest yet most delectable places you can quickly have a good meal with very reasonable prices however, the afternoon shift manager and his staff  Makati Branch must be given corrective action as far as customer service is concerned.

The story is very simple.  Cashier on the counter at around 2:30PM on October 26, 2011 takes the order, repeats the order TWICE which was a very simple Longganisa Meal or MU-2 worth PHP 80.00 and a PHP 25.00 Bottomless Iced Tea inclusive of the meal package.  We were a group of  10 and we had a foreign guest with us as we wanted him to taste a semblance of a home-cooked Filipino meal.  

The order came but instead of giving me the PAID ICED TEA.  I was served with Coca-Cola which I flatly refused.  A black skinned waitress came along with a small brooding manager and insisted NOT TO REPLACE the wrong order of drink and even gave me a mocking laugh similar to a sinister gargoyle that we see on gothic architectures except that this one breathes and yes, you can hear the noise. In addition, they wanted me charge me an extra PHP 35.00 for Iced Tea despite the fact that they admitted their mistake. For those that regularly eat on the place, you can only be charged PHP 35.00 for that drink if you did not order what is on their meal set.  Toink!  

Noticeably and even if they pan their hidden cameras or their CCTVs, there were just a few customers and this scene was undeniable.

I was stifled from reacting that very minute because it might allegedly affect an event I was involved with much less the foreigner we were entertaining.  Nevertheless,  I wrote the establishment at on October 27, 2011.  A certain Ms. or Mr. Juan wrote me clarifying if what had happened was correct.  I replied with a resounding YES and I never got to hear from him or her again.  

I do not know if these people were reprimanded or given any corrective action at all but I do thank Ms. or Mr. Juan for immediately getting back to me after three (3) days. Yes, three (3) days.  I was also advised by certain sectors that should something like that happen, keep the receipt because there is a cell number underneath which has instructions on how to text any complaint to 0917 - 837 - 4371 starting with Text 112 Name Comments/Suggestions.  I tried this but unfortunately, it doesn't work as well.  Either because my number is from SMART and they are using Globe or they just chose to ignore this.  

Oh well, there are always bad apples but as far as Chic-Boy BF Homes, Paranaque is concerned.  Kudos to Ms. Anabelle and her entire team!  Great, efficient, fast and most of all, courteous!


12/14/2011 20:10

Hi, I also had a bad service at chic-boy pacita branch, the cashier is so masungit, didn't even greeted us and when I asked what's available and what she can recommend, she just said, "yan yan yan" It's our first time to eat sana sa chic-boy but with her attitude, we decided to leave the resto and eat na lang sa max. I also wrote a complaint with chic-boy but they replied after 3 days I think but i forgot her name. Hope chicboy will train their crew well especially in handling customers.

12/14/2011 20:32

Hi Kcrey,

I hope so too but based on the recent light of events. I believe they have not learned. I guess it's a monkey-see monkey do situation wherein if they see that their managers are haughty, arrogant and uncouth, then the crew imitates. Sorry to say....

05/28/2012 04:08

07/19/2012 21:47

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tessie bernardo
03/02/2013 10:25

Im a senior citizen who came to chic-boy Ortigas ave, Extn.Taytay not Pasig at shown in the receipt today Mar. 2,2013. Being a first timer, I wanted to taste a few (3)of the menus offered by said store. like kangkong, cebu chicken and sisig. However, the cashier , Ms. Bhunso refused to give me the approved 20% senior citizen disc for said orders, stating that only one order can be given the disc.I disagreed with her reason so she called supervisor Ces who said its company policy. Im writing now to be clarified on the issue. I have eaten at other fast food chains and was given the discount for all my orders for my personal consumption, how come chic boy's policy is different. The supervisor and the cashier knows that I will be writing you. Can I be clarified on this matter. Thank you.

03/26/2013 05:26

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