A lot has happened when news broke out about that particular caterpillar reaching it's way to Chic-Boy Timog's Ginisang Kangkong. sa Bawang made its way through the facebook pages, blogsites and finally, the news room and
Ginisang Kangkong sa Bawang
to some extent, the foreign correspondence.  People were abhorred, amused and yes, even took to arms netwide when they saw and read the following:
  • The caterpillar on the said dish.
  • The branch staff's brash and primitive reaction about the incident against Ms. Bernardo.
  • The unsophisticated and wicked reaction of a Chic Boy representative whose identity is still unknown since he only calls himself as Chicboy Lechon.  
Supporters and detractors from both camps built facebook pages airing their side and their personal experiences much less reacting to each post both but equals to one equation:  MOTIVE.  On Ms. Bernardo's side, what was the motive for exposing those pictures?  On Chic-Boy's side, why was it exposed?

Pursuant to this story, here are the updates on both Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo and Chic-Boy's Management particularly, the Timog, QC Branch/Franchise.   

Ms. Bernardo's update

Miss Bernardo has continued to receive both negative and positive feedback personally on her end.  People have accepted the lengthy yet electrifying expressive writing on her experience with the establishment.  The attack goes as far as going personal by way of attacking her mother and other siblings who have nothing to do with the event.  Her job as an indie film director is even being questioned and once more, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand.
Todate, Ms. Bernardo is being stalked on a facebook supporter's fan page by three (3) incarnations: Biyak Quero, Jp Rosales and Toma Cruz who has been desperately seeking her attention in order to discredit her and obviously, for her to stop talking about the incident.
Amidst all the facebook mudslinging and fracas.  A few have managed to turn this into a positive note calling on people to be vigilant not only on the establishments that they frequent on but vigilance in the food that they patronize much less the products that is being offered.  It also served as a wake up call for other establishments to be more mindful and respectful to its patrons.  It's not actually about the apology but being sincere in their actions and immediately responding to the concern and taking corrective measures or what we would popularly call as damage control.  

I always advice people to never underestimate anyone in general despite their appearance and how you perceive them to be.  That is the key to customer  service as well.
It need not take a Sigrid Bernardo to do this since we all have a defense mechanism in all of us to actually call upon an establishment's attention to correct any wrong doing that needs to be immediately addressed.  This is a litmus test for everyone and all establishments concerned.

Also, again, it's only one questionable branch we are talking about but not chic-boy as a whole.  This branch should take their cue from Ms. Anabelle and the rest of the BF Paranaque Branch when it comes to crisis management.

Todate, Ms. Bernardo has not gone to any form of media for any interviews whatsoever and certain haters have been trying to put up fake profiles against her.

chic-boy management update

As of December 15, they have released a statement on facebook (Chicboy Lechon) attaching a six (6) month old photo album from Chicboy Lechon's page stating the following:
"Chic-Boy Timog Avenue Branch
To our Patrons and Facebook friends,
Thank you for showing us your support regarding the incident that was spread over the internet and apologies for not getting back to you immediately.
Any person or entity accused of anything can easily deny the accusation.
Instead, we encourage you to look at the evidence and judge for yourself if this is possible.
At Chic-Boy, we aim to provide you, not only delicious and affordable food, but food that is safe for consumption.
We invite you to visit this link to see photos of our commissary so you can see how much we value your safety:

NOTE THAT THE PICTURES THAT YOU SEE HERE HAVE BEEN IN EXISTENCE FOR OVER SIX (6) MONTHS that gives an overview on what their general commissary looks like in their main office in Taytay Rizal AND NOT the Timog, QC Branch.

Unfortunately, in the food and restaurant industry, the sad truth is that finding foreign objects in your food is a normal occurrence.
This is not the first time it happened to a restaurant and we are quite certain that this will not be the last.
The best any restaurant, including Chic-Boy, can do is be strict in practicing proper food handling and preparation and conduct regular cleaning of the store so that such incidents will not occur.
If there's anything we've learned from the incident, it is that people are very quick to comment. Because people heard one side of the story, they already assumed that it was true or that it was the whole story. They forget that a story always has two sides.
Much as we'd like to air Chic-Boy Timog's side of the story, our lawyers advised us to no longer release any statements as we have begun taking legal action regarding this matter. We hope you understand.
However, we thank you for your concern and giving us the opportunity to express our side.
Thank you for patronizing Chic-Boy and we hope we have your continued support and patronage.

The Management of Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corporation
Franchisor of Chic-Boy "Chicken at Baboy" Restaurant 

" Much as we'd like to air Chic-Boy Timog's side of the story, our lawyers advised us to no longer release any statements as we have begun taking legal action regarding this matter." --- A podcast was highlighted by Imba Manila which Mr. Francis Juan (owner of Chic-Boy) appeared.  To know what happen kindly go to the program's facebook page, Imba Manila.  (Go figure then...).  
...on the threat of libel, we have yet to hear if it went through and it's still business as usual for the Timog branch.

UPDATE:  Chic-boy is once more involved in another burgeoning scandal as it seems that people from a certain locality in Taytay, Rizal that for two (2) years now, the establishment has been dumping their waste from their plant at a nearby creek which then emits a foul odor that causes people to be sick.  

Mike Enriquez and the Imbestigador crew of Channel 7 caught up with them.  Do watch the video as far as the long and short of it goes.


12/20/2011 10:59

i am trying to find the link of ImbaManila and/or Imba Manila, but cant find it. not found in FB :/
So disappointing the management of these branch is reacting.
" Unfortunately, in the food and restaurant industry, the sad truth is that finding foreign objects in your food is a normal occurrence." NORMAL OCCURENCE -- i can never accept this, their should be confiscated. OMG


Sorry for the mix up last week that I have to down the site and the fb page for a couple of days because of legal issues with call centers **WINKS!** but here's our FB page.


and here's the podcast link where you can download our episodes...


12/29/2011 21:29

The problem is not on your side actually...it's theirs plus it's you that own the copyrights to that:-)...not them:D

12/20/2011 17:29

@ Iamlexir. Maybe they removed it but two things are clear...as of now, Ms. Bernardo has not released any statements from the press nor did with any podcasts. Chic-boy on the other hand broke what they said amidst all their blahs! As for NORMAL OCCURENCE...they better take cue from chic-boy BF Homes and Alabang, before the food leaves, they have someone check all the food before they serve it to the customers...stupid really for them to say that it's a normal occurence.

02/22/2012 00:13

Any business exists due to the customer so I think they get full support from the seller side and no doubt it will beneficial for them too.

07/11/2013 04:55

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