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The Corridor is a separate blog post that I've created from The Log.  The Log would deal in my daily dealings and to some extent, what other people are talking about.  The Corridor chronicles the flipside of things such as bad customer service, unfair business practices, the worse attitude in things that walk with two legs who consider themselves as humans.  They say that life is a highway, for me, it's just another corridor which is analogous to being at the right place at the wrong time or the wrong time but being in the right place as they say.  

If you're wondering why I placed Getta Robot as an introductory note on this well don't!  It's just one of those cartoons that I grew up watching when I was a kid and enjoyed so much.  I was just something that popped in my head while I was writing this new blog page that I am making.   

Going back, I guess no one would like to be abused by other people especially establishments who think they own the world just because people patronize their goods and services.  See, the operative word here is goods and services!  People would be there because they believe in the product and because of someone else's face.  Even if this were never endorsed by media personalities, if the campaign is good and what they offer makes people happy then the frontliners of this industry should  NEVER treat it's patrons in the most inhuman circumstances possible.  It goes without saying, I may not be able to punch you in the face not because of cowardice but I guess my fists would be a better engine of destruction once I start writing about the experience or what I have seen.  I may even have pictures or even come up with a video.

Am I being righteous?  No!  At least I don't just rant all day.  If the establishment needs to be embarrassed well so be it otherwise they will do the same to other unsuspecting clients until the abuse cannot be stopped.  As far as I'm concerned.  The gloves are now off!



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