It took me sometime to write this particular article as I have had a death in the family plus the fact that there were priorities that I had to take care aside from musing about my horrendous experience at the hands of mad power tripping employees from the LBC Branch located at Unit 110, Centermall, President's Ave. cor. G. Puyat, BF Homes, Paranaque City, Philippines.  This does not preclude a few of their rude personnel answering their customer service hotline.
Arrogant Customer Associate of LBC BF Homes, Paranaque Branch
Customer Associate's name: Odiel R. Astibe
Brutish and arrogant acting supervisor of LBC Paranaque Branch
Delaying the release of my remittance. EMPLOYEE ID: 17090030
Verifying that he is not the supervisor of this branch but he's just trying to play the part.

repeat customer

I have been a repeat customer during my early days as a freelancer sometime in 2010 long before I had a bank account.  All I had to do was present the unique tracking number that a deemed valid ID (Identification card) WHICH BY THE WAY YOU CANNOT FIND IN THE PHILIPPINE COMPANY WEBSITE.  Since this branch is conveniently near, it just takes me minutes to walk towards this place.  In this particular photo, the company explains that an ID is being asked for first timers in that particular branch (or any branch for that matter) so that it could be recorded in their database in order not to hassle or give any inconvenience to the customer who personally get their remittance in that particular branch and therefore encouraging them to be repeat customers.  Moreover, it is generally assumed that the person picking up that particular compensation is in possession of the unique tracking number that is being given by the sender not to mention that the photo that appears in the ID is one and the same.  This is further bolstered by their customer service associate located at the General Aviation Center, Domestic Airport Compound, Domestic Road, Pasay City, in an email sent to me stating that:  "Please be advice that we enter the ID number in our system for reference." in which she further quoted that this was the directive of the Central Bank that they follow.

Customer associate odiel r. astibe and customer associate id no. 17090030

It is unfortunate that a dear loved one passed away and I was the only one taking care of the affairs during that time.  A very good friend decided to use the services of LBC's Instant Pesopack in order for me to get by during those trying moments.  Going to LBC, I had two things in mind:

1.  Get the remittance as a tracking number was provided.
2.  On the business side, transmit two CDs in it's original packing hailing all the way from the UK to Gerona, Tarlac and get the matter over with.

Two things happened during this time:

1.  Customer Associate ID No. 17090030 (REFUSING TO GIVE HIS NAME DURING THAT INSTANT) totally declined to accept and send my CDs even if it is in it's original content to the place stated above and just demurred with a sneer for reasons only known to himself while he sat smugly like a mafia boss with his arms folded at the other side of the table.  Sending those CDs is NOT EVEN INCLUDED in their prohibited list as stated on their website; and,
2.  As far as the remittance went, he passed the job to Customer Associate Astibe.  I gave my tracking number however I totally forgot my ID so I had to quickly go home and get it.  Upon my return, he could not release the condolence money EVEN IF HE KNEW IT WAS UNDER MY NAME INCLUSIVE OF MY PICTURE STILL POSSESSING THE SAME FEATURES on the premise that my baranggay ID had expired for two months blaming me for not renewing it  He even advised that I should renew my baranggay ID so that I could claim the said renumeration.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WAS ONLY ON THE FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY 2012 and it has only been barely two months plus the fact that never did I anticipate that a loved one would die barely within the first week of the New Year.  Furthermore, in a biggety manner, he informed me that all IDs are inspected by them run by them quoting the Central Bank and that particular branch and it's personnel were given the authority by the Central Bank to do so as well as do background checks while the customer waits even if the remittance was just a lilliputian amount.

Customer representatives by phone and email

I complained about the arrogant much less the strange logic of this representative on the same day and in a nutshell:

1.  A supervisor by the name of "Cyril" (Lady) refused to take down my complaint and even threatened me that the call was being recorded which can be used against me WHICH IS ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS!  For anyone that calls the establishment for any inquiry or complaint, they just quickly the customary greeting of "Hello, Company Name and Name of the Agent.  Failure to inform the calling party either through an automated service or at the onset of the call that said action is and will be recorded is tantamount to a violation against two edicts, The Right to Privacy under the Philippine Constitutional Law Section 3,  and the Anti-Wire Tapping Act to which has not been amended to date just to suit another party's need;
2.  Two ladies helped me:  Princess Lopez and Jehan Raymundo, her supervisor and advised me to write down and email my complaint to  Ms. Princess Lopez further elucidated that the background check that Mr. Astibe was talking about only bordered upon asking me whether or not I still worked for the company and as further illuminated by their email customer associate by the name of Mary Joyce Alcantara, "Please be informed that we validate company ID through checking the validity of the card." (referring to the ID.) "Please be informed that we are under the rules of BSP when claiming a remittance, the reason why an associate is looking for a valid Identification card. Under the rules of BSP valid up to date ID." (Again not stated in their website).

pertinent to the said bangko sentral ng pilipinas circular on what valid id's to present.......

The recently promulgated Monetary Board Resolution (MBR) #553 via BSP Circular # 608 series of 2008
As per the email sent to me, Ms. Alcantara asserted that they are under the governance of the BSP (Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas) and they follow what the said government office has forwarded to them.

However, upon a closer perusal of such allegation,  The BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) states the following: 

"The recently promulgated Monetary Board Resolution (MBR) #553 via BSP Circular # 608 series of 2008 requires depositors to present only one (1) valid identification issued by an “official authority” (click here to view copy of said Circular) from the previous three (3) IDs as required by most financial institutions.  Quoting further, "The resolution does not only apply to account opening but also to other banking transactions such as claiming of remittance proceeds by OFW beneficiaries" which could then be inferred to include remittance proceeds period.  Lastly, the BSP Circular also states that, "It is hoped that this new resolution would make banking more accessible to a broader segment of the population who were previously unable to avail of bank services due to inadequate means of identification."  

NOTHING THERE IS STATED THAT THE ID SHOULD BE UP TO DATE. In finality, quoting the circular itself, "For purposes of this Circular, financial transactions may include remittances, among others, as falling under the definition of transaction."; and,

3.  When I called back, and as narrated and checked by the two representatives that I spoke to earlier on the phone plus another by the name of CIELO CELO, they have no employee nor supervisor recorded by the name of "Cyril", contractual, regular, man or woman to speak of.

The second coming (customer associate id no. 17090030)

I finally found my office ID and went back the following day.  Mr. Astibe was not around and instead, I was confronted by this little tyrant whose just another customer associate but claimed to be the acting supervisor whose last three (3) pictures appear above.  When I presented my ID, he laughed and smirked and told me, "Hahahaha! Di mo makukuha ang pera mo kasi mali ang spelling ng pangalan mo. Ang gawin mo, magpagawa ka ng panibagong ID o ipa-claim mo na lang sa iba at utusan mo yung nagbigay ng abuloy na ipangalan na lang sa iba para makuha mo pera mo." (Hahahaha! You cannot get your condolence money because your name was misspelled so I would advice you to just manufacture a new ID or ask the sender to just name the remittance under someone else in order to claim your money.)  Now he's teaching me to falsify my credentials wherein I have been presenting that same ID ever since I began my transactions with them way back January 2010.  



To top it all, I was totally irritated over the matter is that this particular error WAS NEVER INFORMED BY CUSTOMER ASSOCIATE ASTIBE WHEREIN IT COULD BE SEEN THAT I WENT THERE TWICE ON THE SAME DAY otherwise I would have kindly informed the well - meaning sender over the matter! 

I really blew my top over this one and he knew very well what the money was for and stormed out of the place.  Customer Associate ID NO. 17090030's  reason as to why he almost tried to slip my ID in his pocket and not letting it go is beyond my comprehension.  I believe that the Central Bank of the Philippines does not sanction such devious activity since this particular branch and the establishment's overall customer service department has been loosely quoting such institution as if it were it were the preamble to the Philippine Constitution.

Furiously I wrote the sender who tried to get the money back from the Alabang branch where she sent the money to but according to that branch, she cannot get her money back anymore because she would have to pay a penalty (?) for doing such.  Again, there is no such thing stated in their website much less their terms and conditions of contract found at the back of the receipt which states the following:

"12.  Shipper agrees that Pesopack for pick-up not claimed within 5 days from date of acceptance as shown in this contract shall be forwarded back to Manila Head Office for safe keeping.  However, either shipper or consignee may claim and request the said Pesopack be forwarded back to LBC main office of the place of origin or destination."

Even the poor shipper was subjected under a behest threat by the branch where she placed the remittance to that she would be liable to pay for any penalty in order to withdraw the money back even if she has already paid corresponding service fee to transmit the money in the first place.  

Pure legalized larceny and once more using the BSP to suit their needs of keeping the money in their coffers.

In an earlier conversation that I had with Ms. Lopez,  this bolstered her statement  that once the remittance is unclaimed then the money is theirs to keep and treasure just like any spoils of war.

the one week litmus test

Because I had a lot to do, it took almost a week or so before I went back to that horrible place.  Once more it was Customer Associate ID No. 17090030 who attended to this seemingly game of ping-pong.  He asked me to sit down as he would have to call the main office in order to have my money released as it was placed on hold.  It took him almost thirty minutes (30 min.) to do so and it was only me that he was attending to.  Finally he reached someone from that office who obviously questioned him of his authority and in the end asked for his ID number and other credentials which he then lowered his voice for people not to hear and then went back to his usual tone explaining that their supervisor is located somewhere in Las Pinas and that he is now the acting supervisor over the place until finally, in less than a minute, I got my condolence money.

caveat:  please beware of transacting with these individuals or this particular branch.  whatever it is that they have intended (maybe they're trying to keep a quota or another agenda is in the works) i can only speculate as to why they have done this:
1.  The individuals whose pictures appear above have tried their best to keep the money meant for bereavement which is morally reprehensible.
2.  they make their rules as they go along smearing the name of the bsp and they will exert every effort to even charging an alleged penalty should a sender withdraw the money from them since the transaction was unsatisfactory.
3.  this last individual has fast hands, he almost got away by stealing my id.
4.  their customer service department via phone and email will result to threats and intimidation by any means necessary in order to justify the branch's action and yes...keep the money!
5.  they only choose what they want to send depending  on the amount to be paid by the customer.  (for quota purposes maybe? i can only guess).


In a somewhat similar episode, there was a post on a social networking site there was an allegation that an employee from LBC Shangrila who supposedly stole a customer's remittance and his picture sans his name was featured.  It is not certain whether the company has done anything about this matter.  Again, no one is stopping anyone to do business with them because I believe that not all of their offices are being run like some thievery satellite but please beware and be aware of these characters stated above. 
I was actually in a dilemna if I should post this article since I also came from the BPO industry and lasted for almost four years.  Some years back, the call center industry was shaken by an agent named "Cathy" hailing from a local call center that hurled a slew of invectives against a very frustrated DSL client.   People were aghast and shocked on how this particular lady agent treated the customer without an ounce of civility.  Unfortunately, an insider leaked this recording and it made Filipinos question the standard of customer service between countrymen with such uncouth and unsupervised behavior. WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!

....and then there was that very engaging and desperate phone call of a Filipina located somewhere in the Philippines  who wanted to reach Citibank USA and was thrice met by a hapless agent by the name of "Jason" who had to hear her deplorable utterances and grouses that led to cursing an entire nation all because she thinks that this agent could not help her get her money from the ATM...this was of course in the reverse...the funny part there was that during the third onset of the call, Jason had to pretend he was the manager.    WARNING! EXPLICIT LANGUAGE 
(guffaws!)  Honestly, I could feel her desperation but if she had just had that ounce of a minute to listen to what the agent had to explain instead of rabidly attacking him then maybe this would have not happened and if the agent just asked the customer thrice to stop and warn this irate caller to stop with the abuse otherwise he would be forced to release the call then again, this particular youtube vaudeville would not have surmised. If this were a cartoon, you could literally see those lips coming out of the speaker brushing and caressing on "Jason"'s face with those cavil sentences of damnation and vilification.  At least Jason acted like an iceberg hitting a demonic ghost ship set adrift.

Last Monday, I was totally irked when a friend from facebook posted this video about the call center rep stated above filming himself and carrying the lanyard of a BPO that primarily specializes in sensitive accounts.  Aside from the bad English and the worst demonstration of active listening, what was reprehensible was that he filmed himself  (I don't care if he's gay, he hasn't performed a Christine Jorgensen yet and his sexual preference is not the issue) acquiring sensitive information from an unnamed customer while his colleagues lauded him forward sans any practice of EOP (English Only Policy) on the floor as this is a standard in all call centers.  It didn't stop from there, in a latest video uploaded, he does it again and this time with the intention to ridicule the customer by calling himself "Lady Gaga".  The clincher here is that the customer obviously doesn't speak Spanish and then he suddenly frazzles on to a Spanish script then vehemently denies such when the customer perplexedly reacted to the string foreign sounds that he heard.

....Being in the call center is one of the most noblest profession there is.  People who work in call centers are oftentimes teased or ridiculed for so many reasons but what people do not realize is the hours that people brave through just to get a decent pay much less the hope of people lasting in one company while the others flutter over from one office to the next looking for better pay and treatment.  This, more often than not, due to the strange and dire economic situation is the answered prayer for those who have been laid off from work and oftentimes, approaching the age of 40 or returning OFWs settling for a fraction of what their pay was before just to get through.  What others also don't realize is that people in call centers are multi-faceted because they learn the intricacies of one account and then moves on to another.  A nurse waiting to pass the board exams can first settle here and learn to be a technical support agent which is far from what her course entails.  All in all, call centers service customers.  With this particular breach, this particular agent has placed a bullseye on an entire industry as controversy rages in the US Congress on a move  that "seeks “to bar corporations that sent US call center jobs overseas from receiving federal grants and loans,” under the  Call Center and Consumer Protection Act.
While he facebook pages and other concerned citizens furiously demand for either an apology or his permanent retirement from the industry, this particular Act would greatly affect the not only the Philippine call center climate but other countries as well as this is considered a "protectionist legislation" in order to save US jobs.

Shan Rivera Cruz has made a ridiculous whore of himself with such breach of trust and confidence that has placed a dent on an industry that has continued to help our economy.  Here's the thing:

  1. Where was the floorwalker if any?
  2. He did this twice and the Quality Assurance people were not able to catch it?  He filmed himself twice so it means that even if the camera is not rolling, he is also doing this to others.
  3. Where was his Team Leader?
  4. Rule of Thumb:  No cell phones or cameras absolutely allowed on the floor especially in accounts such as this so how did he manage to slip this?  This now questions the integrity of that floor and maybe the Client Relations Manager of that company.

Unfortunately there are such things as bad apples, I hope the stench of this abomination does not affect the way Filipino call center agents are perceived as far as treating a call is concerned.....warm, friendly and ready to be of service.

NOTE:  I had to replace the video again since the original video was placed under a copyright claim by his former call center.  Another update, seems that there is a campaign by his former call center to really wipe out the leaked videos.  I've just replaced video no.2 with a new video as the old one was taken down on Youtube.

ADDENDUM:  Unfortunately, the call center concerned which is WNS has managed to take down every video that was posted about Shan Cruz Rivera and claiming ownership on the video.  My two cents on the matter is that it should have been the video owner and NOT the BPO concerned who should have taken that down as he owns the property rights to the said video.  That particular outsourcing unit was just dragged into the fray because Rivera displayed their badge.  When the PLDT and Citibank "scandals" happened, these two entities just let it be believing in freedom of expression.  Did it take down the entire Philippine call center industry?  No.  Was Rivera ever punished by that company despite a clause that he signed upon employment that he should not disclose anything about his account?  Why punish the people that uploaded the video?  Something to ponder on.
A lot has happened when news broke out about that particular caterpillar reaching it's way to Chic-Boy Timog's Ginisang Kangkong. sa Bawang made its way through the facebook pages, blogsites and finally, the news room and
Ginisang Kangkong sa Bawang
to some extent, the foreign correspondence.  People were abhorred, amused and yes, even took to arms netwide when they saw and read the following:
  • The caterpillar on the said dish.
  • The branch staff's brash and primitive reaction about the incident against Ms. Bernardo.
  • The unsophisticated and wicked reaction of a Chic Boy representative whose identity is still unknown since he only calls himself as Chicboy Lechon.  
Supporters and detractors from both camps built facebook pages airing their side and their personal experiences much less reacting to each post both but equals to one equation:  MOTIVE.  On Ms. Bernardo's side, what was the motive for exposing those pictures?  On Chic-Boy's side, why was it exposed?

Pursuant to this story, here are the updates on both Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo and Chic-Boy's Management particularly, the Timog, QC Branch/Franchise.   

Ms. Bernardo's update

Miss Bernardo has continued to receive both negative and positive feedback personally on her end.  People have accepted the lengthy yet electrifying expressive writing on her experience with the establishment.  The attack goes as far as going personal by way of attacking her mother and other siblings who have nothing to do with the event.  Her job as an indie film director is even being questioned and once more, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand.
Todate, Ms. Bernardo is being stalked on a facebook supporter's fan page by three (3) incarnations: Biyak Quero, Jp Rosales and Toma Cruz who has been desperately seeking her attention in order to discredit her and obviously, for her to stop talking about the incident.
Amidst all the facebook mudslinging and fracas.  A few have managed to turn this into a positive note calling on people to be vigilant not only on the establishments that they frequent on but vigilance in the food that they patronize much less the products that is being offered.  It also served as a wake up call for other establishments to be more mindful and respectful to its patrons.  It's not actually about the apology but being sincere in their actions and immediately responding to the concern and taking corrective measures or what we would popularly call as damage control.  

I always advice people to never underestimate anyone in general despite their appearance and how you perceive them to be.  That is the key to customer  service as well.
It need not take a Sigrid Bernardo to do this since we all have a defense mechanism in all of us to actually call upon an establishment's attention to correct any wrong doing that needs to be immediately addressed.  This is a litmus test for everyone and all establishments concerned.

Also, again, it's only one questionable branch we are talking about but not chic-boy as a whole.  This branch should take their cue from Ms. Anabelle and the rest of the BF Paranaque Branch when it comes to crisis management.

Todate, Ms. Bernardo has not gone to any form of media for any interviews whatsoever and certain haters have been trying to put up fake profiles against her.

chic-boy management update

As of December 15, they have released a statement on facebook (Chicboy Lechon) attaching a six (6) month old photo album from Chicboy Lechon's page stating the following:
"Chic-Boy Timog Avenue Branch
To our Patrons and Facebook friends,
Thank you for showing us your support regarding the incident that was spread over the internet and apologies for not getting back to you immediately.
Any person or entity accused of anything can easily deny the accusation.
Instead, we encourage you to look at the evidence and judge for yourself if this is possible.
At Chic-Boy, we aim to provide you, not only delicious and affordable food, but food that is safe for consumption.
We invite you to visit this link to see photos of our commissary so you can see how much we value your safety: 
NOTE THAT THE PICTURES THAT YOU SEE HERE HAVE BEEN IN EXISTENCE FOR OVER SIX (6) MONTHS that gives an overview on what their general commissary looks like in their main office in Taytay Rizal AND NOT the Timog, QC Branch.

Unfortunately, in the food and restaurant industry, the sad truth is that finding foreign objects in your food is a normal occurrence.
This is not the first time it happened to a restaurant and we are quite certain that this will not be the last.
The best any restaurant, including Chic-Boy, can do is be strict in practicing proper food handling and preparation and conduct regular cleaning of the store so that such incidents will not occur.
If there's anything we've learned from the incident, it is that people are very quick to comment. Because people heard one side of the story, they already assumed that it was true or that it was the whole story. They forget that a story always has two sides.
Much as we'd like to air Chic-Boy Timog's side of the story, our lawyers advised us to no longer release any statements as we have begun taking legal action regarding this matter. We hope you understand.
However, we thank you for your concern and giving us the opportunity to express our side.
Thank you for patronizing Chic-Boy and we hope we have your continued support and patronage.

The Management of Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corporation
Franchisor of Chic-Boy "Chicken at Baboy" Restaurant 

" Much as we'd like to air Chic-Boy Timog's side of the story, our lawyers advised us to no longer release any statements as we have begun taking legal action regarding this matter." --- A podcast was highlighted by Imba Manila which Mr. Francis Juan (owner of Chic-Boy) appeared.  To know what happen kindly go to the program's facebook page, Imba Manila.  (Go figure then...).  
...on the threat of libel, we have yet to hear if it went through and it's still business as usual for the Timog branch.

UPDATE:  Chic-boy is once more involved in another burgeoning scandal as it seems that people from a certain locality in Taytay, Rizal that for two (2) years now, the establishment has been dumping their waste from their plant at a nearby creek which then emits a foul odor that causes people to be sick.  

Mike Enriquez and the Imbestigador crew of Channel 7 caught up with them.  Do watch the video as far as the long and short of it goes.

Chic-Boy is one of the cheapest yet most delectable places you can quickly have a good meal with very reasonable prices however, the afternoon shift manager and his staff  Makati Branch must be given corrective action as far as customer service is concerned.

The story is very simple.  Cashier on the counter at around 2:30PM on October 26, 2011 takes the order, repeats the order TWICE which was a very simple Longganisa Meal or MU-2 worth PHP 80.00 and a PHP 25.00 Bottomless Iced Tea inclusive of the meal package.  We were a group of  10 and we had a foreign guest with us as we wanted him to taste a semblance of a home-cooked Filipino meal.  

The order came but instead of giving me the PAID ICED TEA.  I was served with Coca-Cola which I flatly refused.  A black skinned waitress came along with a small brooding manager and insisted NOT TO REPLACE the wrong order of drink and even gave me a mocking laugh similar to a sinister gargoyle that we see on gothic architectures except that this one breathes and yes, you can hear the noise. In addition, they wanted me charge me an extra PHP 35.00 for Iced Tea despite the fact that they admitted their mistake. For those that regularly eat on the place, you can only be charged PHP 35.00 for that drink if you did not order what is on their meal set.  Toink!  

Noticeably and even if they pan their hidden cameras or their CCTVs, there were just a few customers and this scene was undeniable.

I was stifled from reacting that very minute because it might allegedly affect an event I was involved with much less the foreigner we were entertaining.  Nevertheless,  I wrote the establishment at on October 27, 2011.  A certain Ms. or Mr. Juan wrote me clarifying if what had happened was correct.  I replied with a resounding YES and I never got to hear from him or her again.  

I do not know if these people were reprimanded or given any corrective action at all but I do thank Ms. or Mr. Juan for immediately getting back to me after three (3) days. Yes, three (3) days.  I was also advised by certain sectors that should something like that happen, keep the receipt because there is a cell number underneath which has instructions on how to text any complaint to 0917 - 837 - 4371 starting with Text 112 Name Comments/Suggestions.  I tried this but unfortunately, it doesn't work as well.  Either because my number is from SMART and they are using Globe or they just chose to ignore this.  

Oh well, there are always bad apples but as far as Chic-Boy BF Homes, Paranaque is concerned.  Kudos to Ms. Anabelle and her entire team!  Great, efficient, fast and most of all, courteous!
NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:  I purposely blackened some portions on the facebook page of the alleged representative of Chic-Boy as they have completely nothing to do with the topic on hand which include his school or his facebook friends and where his exact location is.

From a Chic-Boy representative who calls himself or herself "Chickboy Lechon", he or she posted this reply on his or her page:

There are rumors going around Facebook that a caterpillar (or "bulate" as they call it) was found in our Ginisang Kangkong sa Bawang. If you are familiar with Chic-Boys ginisang kangkong sa bawang, our kangkong is cut into bits. HOW COME IN THE PHOTO THEY POSTED, THE CATERPILLAR IS WHOLE? 
We are not surprised with this demolition job. We have only been in the market for a year and a half and we have grown to 64 opened stores and 48 under construction. Do you think the competition will just take us sitting down? 
We are entrepreneurs who have good business ethics. We will build our name and business by giving our best to our customers and not destroy the name of our competitor for our gain. You be the judge!!!! 

I am not surprised at the indignant reply but what shocks me, if I were to understand this correctly is his response asking why is the caterpillar whole?  That sends out a bad message to it's patrons and I myself included.  It's not even a question of expansion nor is it a question of the perceived competition blasting them to bits.  This is a complaint from a dissatisfied customer who wants an affirmative action to be done to rectify the situation instead of firing up the situation.  I believe that the issue was never addressed at all.  I eat at chickboy almost everyday since we just live 10 minutes away from it and since I oftentimes go vegan, I  know how the ginisang kangkong looks like since I order it.  I however disagree that it is cut into bits because sometimes it's cut yes, into twos or threes but not into bits as shown in the picture.  As far as I'm concerned, chic-boy BF President's Avenue delivers quality service and kudos to Ms. Anabelle and the entire staff.  This particular representative should know how to quell the situation instead of swell and ignite disgust and fury among it's patrons or did he or she forget the domino effect.  What's more, this should have been settled privately between the complaining customer and the establishment instead of turning it into a facebook war.  As far as this defender is concerned, we don't even know the identity much less, if he or she works at chic-boy.  For all we know, this is just another fan of the establishment.  Case in point, even Mark Zuckerberg has a facebook page.  Also, what gets curious is this....he is accusing the complainant, Ms. Bernardo of allying herself with a competitor...I will not assume it's Mang Inasal since that's the obvious could be anyone...where did he get that idea or information?  What is his proof?  Now there is a threat to sue Ms. Bernardo for Libel.  Well, who started it first?  Was it a dissatisfied customer airing her complaint?  Or an establishment that immediately branded her as a sympathizer to an unnamed and possibly imaginary competitor?  
With the kind permission of the author, Ms. Bernardo, these pictures and her open letter of complaint to Chic-Boy is being re-posted.  The letter, to some, may sound like a wail of histrionics but do understand that she was victimized by the said establishment and two (2) unnamed policemen were allegedly involved to apply pressure on the situation.  It's a good thing that her camera was not taken from her nor any harm did not befall on her during this incident since she was on the territory of the restaurant and she was able to post these pictures on the net.  I believe they have CCTVs there as well which could attest that such incident did happen unless it was erased, we all don't know.    Again, this is for corrective purposes and not to castigate on the franchise owner of the establishment nor the establishment itself but let it serve as a warning.  Hindsight, I believe the author of this picture has nothing to gain in this complaint but the establishment does have a lot to lose as her name and identity was on the line, she is not in it for the fame nor does she want to slander herself but things like this should never be taken lightly and forgranted.  No money nor damages were involved in the incident as well coming from the victim.

Chickboy Scandal
Date of Scandal: November 21, 2011
Time of Scandal: 3:54-4:00pm
Place: ChickBoy Timog
A Break-Up letter from an Upset customer
Dearest ChickBoy,

I've been a biggest fan of you. I love your chicks, I love your boys. I love your chicken and i love your baboys, I even love your nilasing na hipon and your sinigang sa miso na salmon. I chose to have an affair with you because you seemed to have a cool place plus the staff seems to be nice and definitely you've got good food! You were my trophy then. I tried to brag you around my friends.I can see how they envy me whenever i am with you.

Pero ngayon ko lang nakilala ang totoong CHICKBOY. Kung sino ka, at kung pano mo ko tratuhin. Dalawang linggo na ang nakakalaipas mula ng pinakain mo ako ng ginisang kangkong na may pagka-laki laking bulate o caterpilar o kung ano man yun.

Gusto ko lang ipaalala sayo kung ano ang mga pangyayari nun, nung hindi mo ko hinarap. Matapos kong umorder pati ang kasama ko ng dalawang lechong liempo,isang regular ice tea, at isang botomless,pati na ang bago niyong labas na salmon sashimi at siyempre pa,hindi mawawala ang pagkasarap sarap na ginisang kangkong. Ang total bill namin ay 358php...Sa pagkakaalam ko yung lang ang inorder ko at hindi kasama ang bulate.

Nagyon habang ngasab ako ng ngasab sa aming kinakain, napansin ng kasama ko na oily yung kangkong. sabi ko "Masarap nga yun, oily". nung tinikman ko, ok naman, para lang may petroleum gelly ka lang na kinakain with kangkong, pero ok lang. kumain pa rin kami, may natira pang konti sa kangkong sabi ko ako nalang uubos sayang. Tapos Bigla nalang may sumulpot na mahaba at mataba na nilalang sa kangkong. sabi ko "Ano to?", sabi ng kasama ko "Ay, baka talong". Natawa pa ko, sabi ko "Ang galing may libreng talong!" Sinubukan kong hiwain ito sa pamamagitan ng tinidor, pero ang kunat nito. hanggang sa itinihaya ko ito. At sa pagtihaya ng nilalang, tumambad sa akin ang kanyang mga paa at pati ang mukha nito na parang nagsasabing " Alam mo this time pwede kang magreklamo, tutal nasipsip mo na buong pagka bulate ko, at isa pa obvious naman na ang laki ko". 

Alam mo Chickboy hindi naman ako mahirap ka relasyon, sa totoo lang hindi ko alam kung malas lang ako sa mga ganitong bagay, kasi dati sa ibang kainan, may ipis na maliit na kasama sa pagkain ko, langaw, uod na maliit.. Pero ito naman, sobra naman sa laki na imposibleng hindi mo makita! So, siyempre sa hitsura pa lang siguro naman ok lang na mag complain ako no? pati nga mga waiters niyo nagulat sa sobrang laki, yung iba nga kinuhaan pa ng picture. Tapos yung supervisor niyong hindi ko itatago ang pangalan na si Glaiza, namutla talaga, tumawag kagad sa Management. halos ayaw na kong harapin. ang sabi lang niya sa akin. "Mam, paltan nalang ho namin yung kangkong" what??? Sa tingin mo ba kakain pa ko ng mga pagkain niyo pagkatapos ng lahat? na nasipsip ko na ang buong pagkabulate ng nilalang sa kangkong ko?. Kumalma naman ako, pero yun pa rin ang sinabi ko. sabi niya "Ma'm ano ho bang gusto niyo?". 

Strike 2! 

siyempre sinagot ko "Ang gusto kong malaman kung bakit may malaking bulate sa kangkong ko at hindi niyo nakita!". Lalong namutla yung Glaiza at sabi "Mam babayaran nalang po namin lahat ng kinain niyo". Mainit pa ang ulo ko, pero tumango nalang ako. Pero binawi ko rin ito after awhile, mga limang minuto, kasi gusto ko nalang i take out ang kangkong na may bulate. Malapit ko na sanang palampasin ng dumating ang magiting niyong head waiter na di ko na alam ang pangalan.

Sabi ko kasi kay Glaiza, i take out ko yung kangkong na may bulate.E ayun na nga, etong si head waiter sumabat na ang sabi "Mam, wait lang ho, kasi nirereview ho pa namin yung sa cameras, kasi may mga naka-install na cameras dito eh"

Strike 3!

Ah ganon, hindi ako tanga, at alam ko kung ano ang gusto mong sabihin pwes inunahan ko na. sabi ko "Mabuti pa i review niyo ng malaman niyo kung sino naglagay ng malaking bulate sa kangkong ko! at makita niyo rin kung gaano ako sumuka pagkakain ko ng kangkong niyo!, akin na, akin na ang tinake out kong kangkong na may bulate!" aba strike 4 humirit pa ang waiter na ito at sinabing "Naku, mam pag ho binayaran na kayo hindi niyo na ho makukuha yung kangkong."

Strike 4!

Aba, ako pa pala ang mukang pera. eto ang sabi ko "Kuya, di ka ba nakikinig? sinabi ko na kanina pa kay Glaiza, na di na ko magpapabayad ng kinain namin ang gusto ko lang yung kangkong na may bulate! ngayon, ibigay mo sa akin yung kangkong ko kasi binayaran ko yon!kaya akin na ang kangkong na may bulate!" hindi na nakaimik pa si kuya at ang lahat. edi nataranta kayo ngayon. May meeting ako nung hapon ding iyo at kailangan ko ng umalis. Sabi ko" Excuse me, may meeting pa ako babalik ako mamayang gabi, at mamayang gabi ibigay niyo na sa akin ang kangkong na may bulate at ipakausap niyo nalang sa akin may ari nito para hindi na kayo ma mroblema" . Sa totoo lang naawa pa ko, dahil mga tauhan lang sila at hindi nila alam kung anong gagawin sa mga ganitong sitwasyon.

So bumalik nga ko kinagabihan.. Pinaharap niyo sa akin yung isa niyo pang supervisor o pang gabi, sabi niya tinapon na raw yung kangkong na may bulate, pero tinawag ko yung Glaiza. Sabi niya "Ay mam hindi pa ho namin tinatapon", ano ba yan sobrang halatang nagsisinungaling kayong dalawa.. So si supervisor or manager na pang gabi, inexplain sa akin kung ano ang proseso niyo ng pagluluto ng kangkong. Sabi ko, nasa proseso ba ng pagluluto ang paghuhugas ng gulay?. You're not getting my point. Since wala kayong maisagot, nilagay niyo ko sa isang tabi tapos bumalik kayo kasa ang isang food checker at dalawang pulis.

Akala ko yung pulis, yung kami ang nagpadala, since na reklamo na namin sa kamias station na wala rin naman palang nagawa. Ngayon, ang akala ng mga pulis na ito masisindak niyo ko, well well well nagkamali ka..dahil sa pagkakataong ito ako ang tama at ako ang complainant! at sasabihin pa sa akin ng mga pulis na ito na, ang mali ng isa ay hindi mali ng lahat…ang point dito may sinabi ba akong ganun? ang point dito bakit may bulate sa kangkong ko!
tapos hihiritan pa ako, na may food checker kayo, na one year na kayong operational. Tinanong ko siya kung siya ang manager, hindi ko na hinintay kung tumango man siya o hindi. sabi ko

" Pwes ang pangit ng management niyo! Alam niyo, kung kayo takang taka kung bakit may bulate sa kangkong ko, mas lalo na ako!Dahil NASIPSIP KO LANG NAMAN ANG BUONG PAGKABULATE NIYA. Ngayon, kung iniisip niyo na ako ang naglagay ng nilalang diyan, sana man lang hindi ko ginisa sa kakainin kong kangkong at lasap na lasap ko ang laman ng bulateng yan! ngayon, kung ayaw ibigay sa akin ang kangkong kong may bulate, kumuha kayo ng limang bulate at sipsipin niyo sa harap ko ok na ko! hindi niyo na kailangang kainin yung balat tutal yung laman lang naman nakain ko!"

Ayun, natahimik kayo..nag alisan na sila,medyo natawa pa nga sa monologue ko. Tapos in the end after more than 30 min of waiting. nag reklamo na ako at kailangan kong umalis. Yung mga pulis, niyaya ako sa loob ng room. Pumunta naman ako at sinundan ako ng kasama ko. 

At tong mga pulis nato ang unang tanong.."Ano ho ba ang gusto niyo?" pwes sinagot ko siya " kuya, paulit ulit? pa-ulit ulit? ikaw ang sumagot ng tanong mo! ang gusto ko yung kangkong na may bulate"! tapos natahimik siya, sinabi niya na mam, kasi medyo napataas ang boses niyo dun sa labas. 

Nilaksan ko ang boses ko na pang main theater ng ccp..sabi ko," Ako pa ngayon ang may kasalanan!ako na nga nakakain ng bulateng pagkalakilaki! at isa pa, una sa lahat, bakit niyo kasi ako nilagay sa gitna ng mga customers niyo? at isa pa, bakit ikaw ang kausap ko? part owner ka ba ng chickboy?"ayun natahimik ang pulis patola.. sabi ng kasama ko. "bakit ba kampi kayo sa kanila eh kami ang complainant! at isa pa kaya gusto namin kunin yung kangkong na may bulate kasi gusto namin kayo ireklamo sa BFAD. bigyan lang ng leksiyon."

Sabi ko."alam niyo, kung kayo nag SORRY nalang hindi na siguro nangyari yung ganito!" papano, ang yayabang pa, napaka defensive kagad. hindi aminin ang mali! sabi ng pulis.."mam, di pa ho ba sila nagsorry?" sabi ko "hinde!!!inexplain niyo lang naman sa akin ang tungkol sa pagnenegosyo, kung papano dinedeliver ang mga gulay niyo at kung papano niyo pinapatakbo ang chickboy!!!"….

Anyway, bago pa makagawa ako ng gulo, pinakalma na ko ng kasama ko at aalis nalang kami…gusto ko lang sabihin sa'yo CHICKBOY na wag niyo kong lekturan sa pagnenegosyo mag seminar muna kayo ng TUNGKOL SA SANITATION, HOW TO DEAL WITH CUSTOMERS, AND HOW TO BE HUMBLE!

At sa tingin ko dapat rin kayo manood ng mga bagong episodes sa KNOWLEDGE CHANNEL UPANG MALAMAN NIYO KUNG PAPANO ANG TAMANG PAGNENEGOSYO AT MALAMAN ANG "BATUKTALI" sa pagnenegosyo! 10 episodes yun. Panoorin niyo LAHAT!

At ngayong pasko lalo na't maraming pamilya ang mag bonding sa labas at definitely kakain, sana Maging maiingat kayo sa mg pagkaing sineserve niyo. At kung mangyari muli yun, isipin niyo ang kung kayo ang nasa posisyon ng customer. Minsan naiisip ko, nung sa karinderya ako kumakain, wala pa akong na experience na ganito. Kung kelan sa mga mas mahal at mas established pa na restaurant, dun pa pumapalya!

At para sa yo CHICKBOY I'm ending this relationship! Gaya ni KC and Piolo, Ni Rhian at ni Mo twister I'm ending this relationship with a bang! Full of controversy.



BTW, sent you some pics as a souvenier!!! Enjoy!!
thanks Coolclips for the picture!
Pergola Mall is a quaint mini mall situated at Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes, Paranaque beside one of Jollibee's outlets fronting Mercury Drug Store.  On November 17, 2011, on or about 6:30PM-7:00PM, my mom and I were seated outside a wonderful quaint coffee house and smoking, suddenly, this creature appeared fitting this description:
1.1  Age Bracket:  45-60 years old.  Complexion:   Black
1.2  Short black bobbed curly hair and skinny.    
1.3  Height: between 5'1-5'2 ft.     
1.4  Clothes:  Shiny glittering white rubber shoes, short off white shorts, blue cardigan style sweater.    
 1.5  Other Tell-tale description:  BDO (Banco de Oro) lanyard, Teleperformance ID, Cell Phone:  Nokia - 002N7S9 - Nokia X3 Cellular Phone (slide feature) which costs roughly $113.00 in the android market.        

She stood at the entrance of this coffee shop not knowing whether to enter or not while she twiddled with her cellphone. Not long after, we were dumbfounded to find her standing behind us, reached for my cigarettes and lighter while her other hand tried to envelope my mom while reaching for her mini bag.  My mother was able to dodge her other arm but then she reached for the cigarette case and when she found that there was none, she shouted, "PU&^*@ MO!" at us and immediately left towards another direction.  One of the watch your car boys by the name of Sedoy immediately approached us and asked if we were harangued by this woman.  He then called upon a maintenance crew who was also around and asked that they apprehend the woman.  We then split in three directions to see where she would come out and accost her.  

A security guard for Pergola Mall appeared with a mini guage shotgun by with the last name ISIDRO from D'Robe security agency approached us while the two gentlemen were already accosting the woman.  I asked the said security guard where he was and he flippantly replied, "Nasa CR ako baket?".  Sedoy immediately asked the guard what was to be done.  This impudent guard instead caressed his shotgun and started to laugh while the woman started to just walk away.  I was already hysterical and explained what had happened and the more he belted out his laughter and gleamed which caught the surprise of everyone and did nothing until the subject of this letter completely disappeared in the tricycle area fronting the mall.  Afterwards, this shamelessly rude security guard guffawed, "Para sigarilyo lang?" while once again caressing his shotgun.  By reflex, I whacked the guard as I was stunned in disbelief because he did not even do anything.  

Prior to this incident, I've also learned from second hand sources and from people who also witnessed some disturbing events of theft within the confines of the mall, a Korean national's bag was stolen, someone's laptop was stolen and other incidents prior to the day that this happened.  The SAME GUARD was there and did nothing.  So we are talking about three straight days of glorious capers that took place that nothing happened.  That very same evening, I was able to speak to the administrator of the mall who in course threatened me with subtlety that it's a good thing that the security guard didn't shoot me adding the remark that, "I know nakaka asar but you know? Mahina ang utak niyan."  He then advised me to write them a letter detailing what happened.  Nothing!

A week after that, I saw the same guard again patrolling the mall but when he same me, he immediately went up through the staircase beside the Ichnigo food stop and disappeared.  I saw the administrator along with his lady co-administrator and his only reply was, "Oh nakuha namin? Eh ano ngayon? Ano ang gusto mo mangyari?

What I should have done during the time that it happened was blotter the incident in the nearby police and baranggay station which was just adjacent to the building and then write this administrator a complaint and attach my baranggay or police blotter.


I do not know what hold or what power this particular security guard has a hold on these people but one can only speculate.  

Such a tiny mall and this happens.  Be warned and be alert!

The mall has a facebook page however, they will hide your post on incidents such as this.  They claim to have a website based on their facebook page but if you click on it: 

Yes, they have no official website.  Should a similar or any kind of harassment befall upon those reading this, this is their email address: and address it to Mr. Angelito Munoz or Ms. Betinna Nieto.

One more thing, I told the administrator that somehow, after the incident, my mother was shell shocked at what happened and she had a hard time standing up or walking. In a sinister reply, he said, "Wala yun! Di yun! Di pwede!"

That is what you would call escaping responsibility by feigning ignorance. 

Again, beware and be aware.
Getta Robot
The Corridor is a separate blog post that I've created from The Log.  The Log would deal in my daily dealings and to some extent, what other people are talking about.  The Corridor chronicles the flipside of things such as bad customer service, unfair business practices, the worse attitude in things that walk with two legs who consider themselves as humans.  They say that life is a highway, for me, it's just another corridor which is analogous to being at the right place at the wrong time or the wrong time but being in the right place as they say.  

If you're wondering why I placed Getta Robot as an introductory note on this well don't!  It's just one of those cartoons that I grew up watching when I was a kid and enjoyed so much.  I was just something that popped in my head while I was writing this new blog page that I am making.   

Going back, I guess no one would like to be abused by other people especially establishments who think they own the world just because people patronize their goods and services.  See, the operative word here is goods and services!  People would be there because they believe in the product and because of someone else's face.  Even if this were never endorsed by media personalities, if the campaign is good and what they offer makes people happy then the frontliners of this industry should  NEVER treat it's patrons in the most inhuman circumstances possible.  It goes without saying, I may not be able to punch you in the face not because of cowardice but I guess my fists would be a better engine of destruction once I start writing about the experience or what I have seen.  I may even have pictures or even come up with a video.

Am I being righteous?  No!  At least I don't just rant all day.  If the establishment needs to be embarrassed well so be it otherwise they will do the same to other unsuspecting clients until the abuse cannot be stopped.  As far as I'm concerned.  The gloves are now off!



    The author has now unleashed Ms. Hyde since Dr. Jekyll is on The Log page however, the name is still the same.  It's still Giz Roque Palma and yes, still the same Giselle  Roque and yes, my nickname is still Gato!


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